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Lessons with Shelley

Shelley Connolly

Shelley Connolly

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” ~ Unknown

Just as there are a variety of learning styles, there are also a variety of teaching styles and philosophies. Examining your own motivation for what you want to achieve in your life, and on the golf course, is very individual. In my 40 years of playing golf and 35 as both a teacher and student of the game, I have seen hundreds of different approaches to teaching and learning the game.

My philosophy is to understand what you want out of the sport, whether it be as simple as just making contact and being able to enjoy an occasional game with friends, or wishing to fully understand the golf swing, rules, course management and all the tools that will make you a complete and competitive golfer. What you do with the information you receive is up to you. My personal philosophy is to have you understand the basics well enough to not need me, but to know what you are doing to make any necessary adjustments.

I took up the game seriously in my mid-20s and I knew I wanted to be good enough to be a professional. Eventually I knew my own limitations, and while I became a very good player, I did not pursue playing professionally after one year on the mini tour. I first joined the LPGA Teaching Division in 1988 and am currently a returning member. I have taught every level ofplayer from beginner to professional.

My own successes were winning a Silver Medal with the USGA low qualifier for entry to the 1986 US Women’s Amateur, playing on the Men’s Golf Team at Fresno City College and theWomen’s Golf Team at CSU, Sacramento. Golf has given me opportunities to play the best courses in the world and meet interesting people and enjoy the company of like-mindedindividuals. I thank my father and grandfather who were very good players in their day for planting the seed. I only wished I had been more interested in my youth. But I am grateful forall the opportunities I received as a result of my love affair with the game. I look forward to helping you discover the endless possibilities that await you as you journey through your owndiscoveries.